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Digital Jukebox

NSM Music offers three different digital jukebox models to fit the needs of any budget and location.

icon_lite_defaultIcon Lite

Buy an Icon Lite as low as $695 down and $125 a month for 36 months! 3 Year Warranty Included! Apply Today! The Icon Lite digital jukebox comes with easily customizable graphics, but no interactive lighting.  If your location is brightly lit, or you want to create custom skins for your jukebox, and are on a budget, the Icon Lite digital jukebox could be your best value.





The Icon2 digital jukebox is the best-selling digital jukebox in Europe, and for good reason.  A brilliant animated lighting sequence pulses to the music, attracting attention to the digital jukebox from anywhere in your location.  Buy an Icon Two for as low as $795 down and $145 a month for 36 months! 3 Year Warranty Included! Apply Today!





The top-of-the-line Fusion digital Juekbox features a huge 32″ LCD touchscreen with a persistent promotion screen at the top.  Nothing earns like an NSM Fusion digital jukebox, Buy a Fusion jukebox for as low as $895 down and $165 a month for 36 months! 3 Year Warranty Included! Apply Today! it represents an amazing value.



All NSM digital jukeboxes come with:

  • LCD flat-panel monitor with  infra-red touchscreen for optical clarity and reliable performance
  • Broadband internet ready to connect to an endless library of the freshest music
  • Dual 400-watt two-channel amps for 800-watts of two zone stereo or four zone mono sound
  • 500GB Hard Drive to hold tons of music and videos
  • Multi-function remote control with volume, add credit, skip track, mute and auxiliary function
  • Wi-Fi connectivity option
  • Mars bill validator accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 denominations
  • Wall bracket for secure installation
  • HDMI out and auxiliary inputs/outputs for microphone, background music system, televisions and more
All digital jukeboxes are capable of  delivering stunning visuals for Music Videos, as well as your own designed Promotions. Check out the individual product pages for details on each jukebox model: Icon Lite, Icon2, and Fusion