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NSM Icon2 Digital Jukebox

Icon2 Digital Jukebox

The ICON2 digital internet jukebox is our most commonly seen jukebox for a bar. This commercial digital jukebox allows you full control of the cashbox! Small but powerful, the ICON2 digital jukebox is only 88 pounds but packs 800-watts of power, making it the lightweight champ of the digital internet jukebox world. Its streamlined design with color changing lights will fit in any location and its classic lines will fit with any bar decor!

NSM Fusion Digital Jukebox

Fusion Digital Jukebox

The Fusion digital internet jukebox is the alpha digital internet jukebox out on the market. Fully loaded this jukebox has 32in LCD touchscreen in the same size box as an ICON2. The larger screen draws your patrons in, and also allows you to display advertisements of any sort at the same time they are selecting music! Complete with a data bar in the middle of the screen with many different data options to display. This is a must have digital jukebox for serious bars and businesses!

NSM Iconlite Digital Jukebox

Icon Lite Digital Jukebox

The Icon Lite digital jukebox packs a punch! While the Icon Lite jukebox is easy on the pocket, it also includes new features! Such as a new dual core processor and a powerful new digital amplifier for increased responsiveness, and also the same crystal clear display the ICON2. The elegantly-styled Icon Lite internet jukebox because of its small, compact size can fit into any space making it the perfect jukebox for your bar or business!



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