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NSM and Playmysong Launch New Mobile Social Jukebox

San Francisco (-1st of October 2013-) NSM Music, Inc., one of the world’s leading suppliers of commercial jukebox music systems, and Playmysong, the creator of the popular mobile social jukebox app that has taken the world by storm, announced a new partnership at the SF Music Tech conference.  The companies have launched an interactive music [...]


CNN Covers the Jukebox

In an opinion piece, CNN.com covers the new trend of jukeboxes with mobile apps, and covers the debate over whether this is a good or a bad trend.  They suggest that the “jukebox stroll” was a “hallowed part of the American experience”.  Wonder if that goes for the stroll to the bathroom too, though for [...]

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Andy Mac’s in Pueblo Colorado

We love our digital jukebox customers.  We love their bars.  And we love when patrons are having a great time in their bars.  We especially love it when they’re dancing. One of our newest customers is Andy Mac’s Sports Grill in Pueblo Colorado. This bar near CSU- Pueblo looks like they know how to have a [...]


My NSM jukebox paid for itself in less than 6 months and has been averaging up to $1800 per month. I like everything about my NSM jukebox, this is such a good deal!Jim William, OwnerAbbey Gale's Pub in Scranton
The installation was easy and took less than 45 minutes, I just called NSM with a few questions and they were very helpful. I haven’t really had any maintenance issues, not even bill jams. NSM gives great customer service, were great, very responsive.James Feister, Owner, Roaring 20's Saloon, CadillacMI
My experience with the installation of my NSM jukebox was perfect. NSM did a great job, they got everything up and running quickly. My NSM jukebox will last forever! It has never broken down, sometimes it stalls in the morning, but I just shut it down and reboot and it clears right up. Communication with NSM customer service has been awesome, they are really “on it!”Don Lambuth, Owner, Joe Palooka's in ThorntonCO
In the first year my NSM jukebox grossed between $10-12,000. It completely paid for itself in less than 5 months.Don Lambuth, Owner, Joe Palooka's in ThorntonCO
My NSM Icon 2 jukebox has maintained the same high earnings as the AMI jukebox it replaced and it has paid for itself. I chose NSM for financial reasons, and because I like being in complete control in my location. I am so glad I did this.Jason Johnstad, Owner, Olde Town TapAltuna
I began operating NSM jukeboxes shortly after Ecast went out of business. I called Tom in Service right away just changed my route over. NSM has been good to me. They listen to their customers and respond to a lot of the ideas we have; even guys with fewer locations.Mark FitzkeWausau Coin
The NSM Fusion is compact, and simple to use. I did the installation myself in 30 minutes. NSM support has been very good. If I leave a message, they call back quickly. I recently called NSM on a Friday night and they got back to me in 10 minutes, dialed in to the jukebox remotely, recognized that a few settings were off, and made sure the jukebox was running smoothly in no time! I know NSM has my back!Mike Hyde, Owner, Sipango LoungeOklahoma City
It was not a difficult decision; by buying an NSM jukebox I quadrupled my earnings! It should be paid for within 4 months. The NSM Fusion is compact, and simple to use. I did the installation myself in 30 minutes and NSM support has been very good.Mike Hyde, Owner, Sipango LoungeOklahoma City
NSM jukebox set-up and installation was no problem, pretty easy – it took less than 60 minutes. It’s not scary, especially with NSM’s 24 hour customer service and ability to diagnose problems over the phone or dial in to the jukebox directly. And NSM’s support has been really good, they know us by name. I have been very happy with NSM’s service.Jeff Greenberg, owner, 352 Club, HawthornCA
My NSM jukebox has earned $1,000 per month and even after paying for the music, it has paid for itself in 6 months.Jeff Greenberg, owner, 352 Club, HawthornCA
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